I am going to play hockey for my first time should I start with floor hockey?

August 1st, 2013
by admin
  1. I am going to play hockey for my first time should I start with floor hockey first?I am a goalie so is that what I should I do because I cant skate.I am a boy so I am using my friends account.

    Answer by KB24
    You should for sure start on floor because it is very hard to keep track of the ball while moving on ice.

  2. I play floor hockey in a gym recreationally. What is the difference between floor and field hockey?
    I obviously know that floor hockey is played on a floor and field hockey is played on a field…. I meant in the actual game.

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    Answer by Kevin
    well floor hockey is sorta like ice hockey while field hockey u use differant types of sticks which i think looks weird and instead of a puck u use a ball and goalies are not mandatory

  3. I am a highschool field hockey player that is very serious about the sport and I am considering playing it in college. I want to get a good stick for a midfielder. I am looking at a Voodoo one. The cost doesnt matter. What are good brands for midfielders? What are the best voodoo field hockey sticks for midfield? Thanks!

    Answer by i <3 field hockey
    ok…well Im not sure about Voodoo, but I do know about field hockey sticks. I am also a very serious player. In fact, this summer I am trying out for a national team called Futures. Anyway four very good brands for hockey sticks are:
    Another very good brand is Danaher.
    Do not get the following brands:
    These are not good sticks. There is a really good store called Longstreth. It has EVERYTHING you need to be a field hockey player. Besides sticks they have clothes and really cool like novelty stuff. I highly suggest the website. It will have all of the brands that I suggested except Danaher. I dont live anywhere near there, so I order from the website. I will put the link below. Oh yeah you are probably wondering how I know about these brands. Well my coach, is on the indoor national team, and she is a pro. I hope I helped!

  4. One would think that if your going to sucker some in the hockey section to buy something from spam advertising at least offer to sell some hockey stuff. Geez!

    Also what expensive items things hockey or related too would you like to get at a discount and how much?

    Answer by apbh133
    Air Jordans!
    Id love to get me some X:60 skates…unfortunnally Im willing to only pay for one skate, sorry $ 600 for skates is just too much!

  5. I have roller hockey skates, but every time I buy wheels, they break apart after about a month or so. And it costs me about $ 30 for a new set of wheels.

    What brand or store should I go to and for a reasonable price?

    Answer by Matc
    Well for pavement you need outdoor wheels. I had the same problem i would use my normal inline skate and the wheels and skate outside and my wheels would get screwed up. so just decided to buy a cheap pair of skates, put some outdoor wheels on them and thats what I use

    Outdoor wheels are usually a lot cheaper

    my favorites are__ mission DSX outdoor wheels (highly recommended)

    great price for them – http://www.inlinewarehouse.com/descpage-DSXW.html

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