Effectively Manage Your Stress With These Tips

October 15th, 2012
by admin

There are many factors that cause stress, so you first need to find what is causing these feelings. If the source of your stress is a thing that you can eliminate, do it. By doing this, you’ll experience a better feeling almost immediately. Construe an honesty policy to avoid being taken over by stress. It has been proven that even the smallest lie can lead to a great deal of guilt and increase stress in any relationship. After a particularly stressful day, lighten up your mood by making time for family and friends. Spending time in an intimate setting with your most cherished companions can work wonders for a harried mind. Be sure to have positive, fun, social outings by choosing lighthearted activities such as a pleasant dinner at your favorite restaurant, a good movie, or a simple game of bowling.

The moment that you notice you are extremely stressed, check your body for any clenching that you may be doing. The areas most often affected are the lower back, shoulders, fingers and teeth. Once you have identified the areas that are tightened by stress, focus on stretching and relaxing them when you feel stress coming on. This will help to lessen the tension you feel and will help you relax.

Try to stay away from stressful situations and stay prepared in case something goes wrong. Keep a spare key someplace safe, have a backup plan for a babysitter and keep a meal at work. Planning for potential problems in advance will make dealing with them a breeze.

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