What is the difference between deposit and withdrawing funds~?

July 27th, 2013
by admin
  1. betting websites, mine currently is skybet, how do i transfeer funds into my account

    Answer by Online
    Deposit is putting money from your wallet into the casino, withdrawing is putting money from the casino into your wallet. Easy

  2. Kind of like skybet or something but with games where theres actually skill involved not just luck?
    PDQ, Ive found sites that do it with advertising but they arent available in my country, you never have to pay them a single penny, thanks for the lecture though. I guess those top contributor tags get handed to anybody these days 😉

    In all seriousness though, I apologise for not putting more detail when I asked the question, I understand why you put that answer.

    Answer by pdq
    Youve got to understand one thing above all else – Websites are put on the internet to TAKE your money, not to give you any. Whether its a casino site or any other site, you will always spend more than you make in the long run. If you believe otherwise, then you are a fool who will soon be parted with their money.


    In response to your “Additional Details”. First of all, the only thing “Top Contributor” means in any category is the person answers “X” amount of questions per week. As long as you answer a certain number of question in a category, youre labeled a “Top Contributor”. In other words, it means absolutely nothing.

    In response to your other details – I still stand by what I said. The bottom line is you will NEVER be able to pull a cent out of these sites for no money down. No way. Now how.

  3. My thoughts are this;

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Aye – okay, and well be signing Messi in January.

    SkyBet have put Newcastle as 4th favourites to sign him at 10/1 – A lot of people must have been placing bets so theyve slashed the odds.

    On a serious note though, financially speaking – We COULD afford him f we wanted too and we are looking for a striker. We do have the money for his transfers and wages, if we really wanted too. Problem is, I cant see Mike Ashley parting with that much cash for someone over 25 and we cant offer Rooney trophies or guarantee consistent European football.

    Random Partner Contribution relevant to Sky Bet :
    Sky Bet

    So, I highly doubt its gonna happen… Some poor, down on his luck Journo playing the odds. Still, would be nice if it did happen. Though, we were in the running to sign him from Everton in 2004, for 20 million and were *this* close to capturing him before Man United swooped in.


    Answer by Doc
    I dont think they are serious. Its not the best option for either parties.

  4. Liverpool fans, would you want to replace Dalglish with Martinez?

    One things for sure, hed bring a more beautiful brand of football with him!
    @G: Haha, Can you imagine that? That would be one hell of a turn up for the books!

    Answer by Paisley
    Hes shopping at Liverpool One.

  5. From what i know the win is limited…Is there somewhere you can win more money…lets say 100.000 $ , 500.000 $ or even 1.000.000 $ ? If not, from which of these you can win more money: Bet365, Bwin, Skybets, Bet-at-home, etc.

    Answer by Big G
    Depends on the site, check the smallprint

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